What your hi-fi system stands on and how each components are connected has a major impact on performance. Cables, tables and stands may seem less obvious influencers than the components themselves but don’t underestimate their significance.

lateral audio stand


Every performance needs a stage. Just as musicians perform on a platform, your hi-fi demands that stage to bring music to life.

We have an assortment of furniture that not only offers superb acoustic performance but do so with stylish looks.

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It may not be the sexiest part of your hi-fi system, but the cabling you use throughout, from mains leads to interconnects to speaker cable, can make an enormous difference to your system’s overall performance.

It can be one of the ‘biggest bang for your buck’ upgrades you will make.


Speaker stands

Just like your other components, your loudspeakers will benefit from having the right stand. And not just bookshelves; floor-standing speaker performance is easily improved with the correct bases and spikes.

When a speaker is playing music its drivers oscillate, creating vibration. Unless the speaker itself is stable and solidly located, these vibrations can negatively impact sound quality.