Speaker stands

Just like your other components, your loudspeakers will benefit from having the right stand. And not just bookshelves; floor-standing speaker performance is easily improved with the correct bases and spikes.


Something Solid

Hand-built in the UK to order, we think these stands bring the best from many speakers, notably the Harbeth range, who have been working alongside Something Solid for years.

The XF stand is made from solid steel bars (not hollow tube) and welded throughout to ensure absolute rigidity. Carbon Fibre pucks are fitted to the top to support the speakers. These stands are made to order as the height, top width and top depth can be specified to ensure a perfect match with your loudspeakers.


Custom Design

Custom Design’s philosophy is to create solid foundations for those who demand a more exciting, dynamic and rhythmical performance from their speakers, to make music enjoyable.

Their FS104 Signature stands have a unique five column design – one central and four satellite – for maximum rigidity and are crafted from pure, non-alloy steel. For even better stability and performance, the columns can be filled with Custom Design’s own inert filler.


Manufacturer stands and upgrades

Many manufacturers supply dedicated speaker stands designed to work best with their own products. Many also offer speaker stand upgrades, which for a few more pounds can produce excellent results.

At Adventures, you can hear the difference the upgrades make and how each speaker performs on different stands. Hearing is believing after all.