Adventures' 5* Christmas Turntable Packages

Adventures’ 5* Christmas Turntable Packages

8 December 2020

For us, vinyl has never been stronger. For those taking their first steps into this wonderful format, we’ve put together a few special Christmas bundles with everything you need to get started in vinyl playback.

For entry to mid-level turntables, there really is only one contender – Rega Research smashes everything else out the park. This iconic British Hi-fi manufacturer has been producing extraordinary analogue masterpieces since 1973 and we’ve picked three fantastic decks to be the heart of our Adventures’ 5* Christmas Special Systems with savings of over £200 on our package prices:


System 1 – £750
** Rega Planar 1 + Rega io + Monitor Audio 50 + Linn K20 cable **
Rega’s multi-award winning entry level Planar 1 turntable (What Hi-Fi winner 2020) and new io integrated amplifier (What Hi-Fi winner 2020), Monitor Audio 50 bookshelf loudspeakers and 2 x 3m terminated Linn K20 speaker cable. RRP £848, save £98

System 2 – £999
** Rega Planar 2 + Rega io + Dali Oberon 1 + Linn K20 cable **
Rega’s award-winning Planar 2 turntable and new io integrated amplifier, Dali Oberon 1 bookshelf loudspeakers and 2 x 3m terminated Linn K20 speaker cable. RRP £1187, save £188

System 3 – £1850
** Rega Planar 3/Elys2 + Rega Brio + Dali Oberon 15 + Tellurium Q Blue II cable **
Rega’s legendary Planar 3 turntable with Elys2 (What Hi-Fi winner 2020) moving magnet cartridge, Rega Brio integrated amplifier (What Hi-Fi winner 2017, 2018), Dali Oberon 5 floorstanding loudspeakers (What Hi-Fi winner 2020) and 2 x 3m terminated Tellurium Q Blue II speaker cable. RRP £2064, save £214


These special offers are valid until 31st January 2021 and are flexible; if you fancy different speakers for example, just ask, we have many other choices and will work something out to suit.

Call 01244 345576 or email to arrange a listen.

Tiger Paw Javelin tonearm

Tiger Paw Javelin is here

4 June 2018

Just in time for our Lingo 4 show this weekend, we have installed the brand new Javelin tonearm from Tiger Paw on one of our demonLinn LP12s. You can’t hear this anywhere else in the North West just now, and it’s well worth a listen.

At £1800, Javelin is in a similar price bracket to Linn Akito, but we reckon it’s in a different performance bracket. Based on classic uni-pivot designs, Javelin has been painstakingly developed with new materials and assembly processes to produce an outstanding arm capable of resolving more information, more accurately to create a uniquely musical arm capable of extracting the most from modern high performance cartridges. It features:

– Titanium arm shaft
– Bespoke Tungsten and Sapphire main bearing
– Specific grades of aluminium for head shell, main body and mounting plate
– High tolerance manufacture and machining to provide optimum coupling between assemblies
– Revised internal and external wiring arrangements
– Easy to use and secure lift/lower mechanism
– Optimised bias system
– Unique offset bearing arrangement to allow compatibility with a broad range of cartridges

The result is an arm that is capable of producing dynamics normally associated with gim-balled arms as well as a natural and seamless delivery that is a hallmark of the very best uni-pivot designs. It is musically involving whilst at the same time capable of resolving extraordinary amounts of detail.

Javelin is released with Linn compatible mounting for standard Linn arm boards, Kore or Tiger Paw Akula sub chassis. Keel and Keel for Aro compatible versions to follow.

Come along on Friday 8th (12pm – 5pm) or Saturday 9th June (11am – 4pm) for a listen.

LP12 Lingo event 2

Lingo 4 & LP12 weekend

21 May 2018

Smaller. Smarter. Neater, Better. The new LP12 power supply, Lingo 4, is without doubt the best Linn has made. The performance jump from even the excellent Lingo 3 to Lingo 4 has to be heard to be believed. So come in for a listen.

On Friday 8th and Saturday 9th June at Adventures we are hosting a weekend celebration of the Sondek LP12 turntable and new Lingo 4. Our three resident LP12 experts will be dedicating the weekend to this most revered of turntables, with advice on the right upgrade path for you and just which improvement will give you the best ‘bang for buck’. We will be showcasing Lingo 4, running back-to-back comparative demonstrations with Lingo 3. Two identical decks, one powered by Lingo 3, the other by Lingo 4.

And we might just have a surprise new product too…

Bring your own deck for some TLC, bring your own vinyl to play, we’ll provide the coffee and cake.
* Friday 8th June from 12pm – 5pm *
* Saturday 9th June from 11am – 4pm *
Email Rob to book in.

Music Streaming made simple

Streaming Made Simple, Sat 20th Jan 2018

6 December 2017

You’ve heard about it, some of your friends are doing it and apparently it can be VERY good… better even than CDs. But just what is music streaming?? How do you go about it? And what do you do with all those CDs you’ve collected?!

These questions are not uncommon. You are not alone if you’re asking them. So don’t be afraid, let us show you the answers.

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Northern Indulgence

Indulgence….Northern Style

28 September 2017

Rumour has it there’s a big audio show on in London this weekend.

So we wanted to say good luck to all of our friends exhibiting, and remind those that can’t make it to the Big Smoke that they can indulge themselves in a little Northern audio show anytime here at Adventures in Hi-fi.

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