Multiroom your Naim products with Streaming v4.6 software update

5 April 2018

Planning a house party? Or would you just like to play your favourite tunes in every room simultaneously. Perhaps to convince the rest of the house of your impeccable taste? Then good news, with the latest streaming software update (v4.6), all Naim network products can now be seamlessly linked together a la ‘party mode’. And, they’ll be updated to the latest Spotify library too.

For Mu-so and the new Uniti ranges, this can be done via internet, prompted by a notification on the Naim app. For legacy streaming products that do not have the over-the-air update feature, use this link.

Over-the-air (App prompted):
Mu-so / Mu-so Qb / Uniti Nova / Uniti Star / Uniti Atom

Manual update (Important: In order for the unit to perform the update it MUST be 24bit/192kHz capable):
NDS / NDX / ND5 XS / SuperUniti / NaimUniti / NaimUniti 2 / UnitiLite / UnitiQute / UnitiQute 2 / NAC-N 172 XS / NAC-N 272

To identify if the unit is a 24bit/192kHz variant, follow these instructions:

1. Press the ‘Settings’ button on the remote control
2. Scroll and select ‘Factory Settings’
3. Scroll and select ‘System Status’
4. Scroll to ‘BC SW’. If the code starts with ‘3D’ you have the latest hardware and the update can be made. If it displays anything else then the update cannot be made.

Manual Product Update
If you’re feeling techy and want to update yourself, you’ll need a PC or Mac and a USB to mini-b or USB to RS232 cable, depending on the age of the product. Watch how here.

Or bring it into the shop and we’ll do it for you 😊.


Linn Kazoo

Linn Kazoo maintenance release (v4.11.257)

2 February 2018

New Kazoo Maintenance Release

2nd Feb 2018 – new maintenance release available for Kazoo (v4.11.257).

This release contains stability improvements; however there are no changes in functionality. We recommend that you carry out an update to ensure the best experience possible with increased reliability.

Download here.

DSD for Linn

Linn DSD support and new Exaktbox Filter

21 December 2017

Linn DSD support
Linn has announced that DSD support* is now available in both Klimax DS & Klimax DSM featuring Katalyst.

Due to the nature of DSD decoding, audio is available via the analogue outputs only. DSD support is included in the Davaar 60 release, available via the Updates tab within Konfig.
*DSD compatible (64/128)

Exaktbox updates
The latest release of Konfig V4.35 provides owners of Linn Exaktbox with two new features for Exakt Filters.
Update number one: pictorial selection added to the Standard Filters tab. Please note there are no changes to Linn Exakt filters themselves.

Update number two: the ability to view, acquire and select Exakt Filters designed by third party manufacturers and acoustic engineers added. This mechanism will allow selected third party manufacturers and acoustic engineers to release their Exakt Design filters to both retailers and customers over the coming months. The second tab in Linn Konfig, “Exakt Design Filters”, will list the available filters alongside information on how to select them.

To access the new Exakt Design filters, please ensure you update Konfig to the latest version via the Updates tab now.

Naim Uniti Core

Naim Uniti Core 2.5 Firmware update coming soon

20 December 2017

Naim Audio Uniti Core owners, keep your eye on your Naim App over the next few days – there is a significant firmware update coming soon and it’s a biggie, including fundamental usability improvements and major bug fixes.

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Naim App update – iOS 5.9 and Android 2.5

19 December 2017

New iOS and Andorid app updates are now available from Naim. The new updates includes metadata editing for Android, as well as several bug fixes.

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Naim android app V2.4

Naim Android App update v2.4

22 November 2017

Just released, Naim Audio Android app v2.4 is now available in the Play Store. The new update features considerable performance improvements as well as some minor bug fixes.

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Linn Kazoo software update

New Linn Kazoo (Mac) Maintenance Release v4.11.245

25 October 2017

New Kazoo (Mac) maintenance release now available for Kazoo for Mac (v4.11.245)

This release contains stability improvements; however there are no changes in functionality. We recommend that you carry out an update to ensure the best experience possible with increased reliability.

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Roon for Naim Uniti

Roon for Naim Uniti

21 October 2017

It’s been heralded as ‘the music player for music lovers’ and it undoubtedly delivers the best music browsing experience around. It’s called Roon, and it is now available for Naim Uniti.

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Linn Kazoo software update

New Linn Kazoo and Kazoo Server maintenance release

27 September 2017

Calling all Linn DS owners…

Now available – a new maintenance release for Linn Kazoo v4.11.242 & Kazoo Server v4.7.1295.

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Naim Audio android app v2.2.1971

Naim Android app update V2.2.1971

30 August 2017

To coincide with the arrival of Uniti Nova, Naim Audio has updated it’s Android app to version 2.2.1971, supporting Uniti Atom, Uniti Core, Uniti Nova and other Naim streaming products and including a host of improvements and fixes to current functionality.

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Linn Spotify

Linn DS support for Spotify

30 August 2017

2 billion playlists and 30 million songs – now available to Linn owners through Spotify.

From today, Linn have added Spotify support to TIDAL and Qobuz music services already available through it’s streaming products giving customers more choice and ways to discover new music.

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Naim Audio Uniti Core

Naim Uniti Core firmware v.1.5

15 August 2017

Today sees the release from Naim Audio of Uniti Core 1.5 firmware update.  Once live, the Naim app will notify users that an update is available for download.

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Linn Exakt

New Linn Exakt filter for Klimax

14 August 2017

From today, a new Exakt Filter featuring extended drive unit modelling delivers the best ever performing Klimax 350 loudspeakers. Simply select the new Exakt Filter using Linn Konfig and upgrade to Klimax 350 to experience the improvements.

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