Linn 50 Klimax 360 bass treble graph

Linn Updates – Lossless FLAC via TIDAL + Bass/Treble filters added

23 November 2023

Linn Manage Systems – New Feature
Linn has added Bass and Treble shelf filters to the Manage Systems interface. This will allow you to trim music playback by adding/attenuating bass and/or treble signals.

The option for managing bass and treble shelves is labelled Custom Filters and can now be found in Manage Systems under the ADVANCED tab.

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TIDAL 192kHz FLAC Streaming
Excellent news! TIDAL have unlocked the ability for Linn DS/DSM players to stream Lossless Hi-Res FLAC, following their discontinuation of the MQA format.

Update your systems to the latest software (released 01/11/23) and visit MUSIC in Manage Systems to double-check that FLAC is enabled in the TIDAL dropdown.