Your music

You have auditioned and chosen your ideal streaming system – now where does the music come from?

You may choose to rip and store your entire CD and download collection on a NAS, or you could plump for one of the many streaming services available.

The reality is that most people use a mixture of both.

Music Streaming Services

Streaming Services

New releases instantly available on their day of release and instant access to an almost infinite wealth of recorded music from around the world, both old and new: streaming really is a music-lover’s paradise.

TIDAL, Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, Apple Music; lossless, compressed, HD, basic or premium; there is almost as much choice of service as music when it comes to streaming.


Some music fans love having racks of CDs displayed around the house, some hate it, but there is one undisputable fact – they take up a lot of room.

Not on a NAS drive; you can store thousands of 5 inch silver discs, fully lossless and uncompressed, on a shoebox-sized device, with all their relevant metadata – title, album artwork, track listing, etc. And all instantly accessible, sounding better than the originals and with duplicate libraries for in-car listening, portable stereos, etc.

Internet Radio

Imagine being able to listen to any digital radio station from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home. Just another benefit of music streamers.

An often overlooked but fantastic feature, digital streaming gives you, the listener, access to any DAB station across the globe, from San Francisco’s Soma FM to Radio Ibiza or plain old BBC Radio 2 – the broadcasting world is your oyster.

Innuous ZEN mk3

Network and Storage

If the thought of networks and hard drives leaves you cold, don’t worry, we will take care of everything. You give us some boxes of CDs, we will present them back to you as pictures on an iPad (plus the boxes for storage in the loft).

We can demonstrate the pros and cons of various NAS drives, ripping mechanisms and software and show you just how copying and playing your CD from a digital file makes it sound better.