Integral to any great music system is amplification - the powerhouse which controls and magnifies. It is the heart of your system - pre, power, integrated, Class A - all technologies have their own benefits. The trick is knowing how that complements your system. And we do. From Sugden to Linn, MOON, Naim and more, your ideal amplifier is only a listen away.

Integrated Amplifiers

Integrated amplifiers - generally the most affordable and common amplifiers - contain both the pre-amplifier and power amplifier in the one unit. An integrated amp will have several line level inputs for connecting sources such as a CD player or AM/FM tuner, a dedicated input for your turntable and loudspeaker outputs.

Our hand-picked collection of integrated amplifiers suit every requirement – from Rega’s new entry-level 2017 Brio to MOON’s reference 700i, Bryston’s B60R or Sugden’s iconic A21, we will find your perfect match.

Pre Amplifiers

Pre-amplifiers control everything - volume, tone and input switching, converting a relatively weak electronic signal from your sources to one strong enough for power amplification.

As with most components in hi-fi, the more dedicated a device is to carrying out singular actions, the better the overall performance is. So by splitting the actions that an integrated amplifier performs into two separate devices (a pre- and power amplifier), the greater the quality of the amplification.

Power Amplifiers

Power amplifiers are designed to increase the power available to a load; to boost a pre-amplified (variable level) signal, make it audible and capable of driving your speakers.

Whilst the work done by a preamplifier requires relatively delicate and low voltage electricity (and is hence optimised in its own preamp enclosure), a power amplifier employs much higher voltages and currents. To optimise this process and make it as efficient as possible, a dedicated power amplifier, with bespoke component and circuitry layout is the best option… and the results can be astounding!


A relative newcomer to Adventures’ line-up, Canadian manufacturer Moon by SimAudio, produce a range of amplifiers that are the result of almost three decades of research and manufacturing excellence. And they have quite simply blown us away.

We have both Evolution and Neo series on demonstration at Adventures.


Sugden Audio has been producing some of the finest audio amplifiers for 50 years.

The iconic A21, first introduced in 1967 and now a modern day classic, retains a special place in the heart of audiophiles across the globe and is now joined by the likes of Masterclass, Sapphire and Grande to complete a compelling range.

Naim NAP250DR


Naim is a world leader in the design and manufacture of hi-fi products synonymous with performance, build quality and upgradeability.

From the very first NAP200 power amplifier and NAC12 preamplifier, through 40 years of engineering to modern day NAP-DR range and NAC272 streaming preamplifier – we been with them (almost!) every step of the way.

Linn Klimax Twin 500


Linn amplifiers deliver clean, precise power instantaneously, whenever the music demands it, using proprietary Chakra Technology – which combines the speed and precision of monolithic chip with the robustness and smoothness of bi-polar transistors - and powered by Dynamik - the latest evolution of Linn’s renowned switch-mode power supply generating stable, low noise power rails in a compact, cool-running package.

We have been selling, servicing and upgrading Linn amplifiers since the very first models – LK1 and LK2 in 1985 – and are extremely proud to be considered the Linn experts in the North-West.