Service and Repairs

Turntables are in essence simple, mechanical creations and as such require simple, mechanical up-keep! Springs, grommets, nuts, drive belts and bearing oil – just some of the parts that require replacing periodically and often, bits just need tightening. The performance difference an expert service can make to your deck will astound you.

Every one of our team at Adventures can build a turntable from scratch, and fine-tune it to perfection. But in Phil, we have the best turntable technician in the North and, after 15+ years working on them, a bona fide Linn LP12 genius. He will lovingly check, tweak or restore any deck around whether a legacy product from the likes of Michell, Systemdek, Oracle, Rega et al or a more modern model.

As well as servicing, Adventures repair and rebuild ‘under-loved’ decks. If your toddler or grandchild has trashed your cartridge or tonearm, worry not, we can fix it.

Record Cleaning

Cleanliness is fundamental to achieving optimum audio quality from vinyl; a clean record will not only sound better, but last longer. But it’s not just about improving sound - repeated playing of soiled records can cause permanent damage to the vinyl and accelerates stylus wear.

Dust and debris accumulated over time on a record’s surface cause irreparable damage to the vinyl during play.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive record cleaning service. Our Audio Desk record cleaning machine ensures a thorough cleanse of each surface, prolonging your vinyl’s (and cartridge’s) life, and bringing out the best from your cherished collection.

As well as professional cleaning, we have a tried and tested selection of record brushes, stylus cleaners and anti-static sleeves – everything you need at home to keep your vinyl collection in tip top condition.

The cost is £3 per record, which includes a new anti-static sleeve for each.