Music Streamers

Your digital source. Also known as a network music player, this is what ‘pulls’ your music along an ethernet cable from its home in your NAS drive or in ‘the cloud’, unpacks it and translates it into digital audio, decodes it and, in some cases, converts it to an analogue wave for amplification and playback.


Linn Klimax DSM

Engineered without compromise, Klimax DSM with Organik DAC is Linn’s finest dedicated digital source.

The epitome of extreme engineering, every element has been designed from first principles, inside and out, applying decades of Linn’s unique audio innovation and digital technology expertise.

Next-generation Klimax DSM contains features and technology developed by Linn engineers across years of industry-leading research and development, including the ground-breaking new Organik DAC and machined-from-solid aluminium enclosure.

Naim ND555

Naim ND555

Naim’s reference network player is, to quote Naim, "quite simply the best source component we have ever produced"; a bold statement indeed. Drawing on decades of digital and analogue engineering experience, the ND 555 marries Naim's innovative new streaming platform with classic Naim analogue technology. It features a 40-bit SHARC processor with advanced signal processing, a suspended brass sub-chassis to isolate sound-critical circuits from vibrations and the best external power supply Naim has made. Whether you’re listening to Bonham’s solid groove or Coltrane’s dizzying scales, the ND555 lets the music flow with astonishing ease and uniquely engaging musicality.


Moon 780D

Moon’s reference streaming DAC represents the pinnacle of Moon digital audio playback. The 780D’s chassis is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, with careful attention paid to minimizing vibrations. Incorporating a MiND (Moon intelligent Network Device) network player that allows for DSD streaming over Ethernet and Moon Hybrid Power (MHP): a new, ultra-high performance power supply and a modular design to help make this revolutionary DAC as future-proof as possible.