Loudspeakers - the final piece of the jigsaw; where music springs to life and into the listener’s ears. Often the most personal of choices, a great loudspeaker will absorb you completely and take you to the heart of the musical performance, almost disappearing into the room.


Compact and versatile, developments in bookshelf loudspeaker design means they have long lost the undeserved label of ‘bass-light’ and provide a genuine solution for full-range playback. PMC’s twenty5.21, Harbeth P3ES and Proac DB3 are all proof that great things come in small packages.


Undoubtedly, floorstanding loudspeakers have more capacity to create a ‘fuller’ sound through larger cabinet size and the space potential for additional drive units. As you know though, it’s not quite that simple! Designing and manufacturing the perfect floorstander is a fine art, with many interpretations which have to be seen (heard) for full appreciation. Come and meet the artists – ProAc, PMC, Kudos, Harbeth and more.


Like bookshelves, on-wall loudspeakers have come a long way in recent years. Manufacturers like PMC and employ a variety of clever technologies to overcome physical space limitations. Ideal when there are space-saving or aesthetic considerations or as a home cinema surround-sound solution, an on-wall loudspeaker like PMC Wafer can provide a discreet and elegant answer to your audio requirements.

ATC Audio speakers

ATC Audio

Our latest addition for 2022, ATC Audio is an illustrious name in the professional audio field, counting Pink Floyd and Supertramp among it's early customers.

Since Billy Woodman formed ATC in 1974, the company has kept steadfastly to its founder's aims of building loudspeakers and audio electronics that employ the most effective of modern engineering principles. As a result, ATC is now one of the world's most respected pro audio loudspeaker manufacturers and has transferred that expertise and philosophy into both domestic loudspeakers and audio electronics.

We have a selection of ATC floorstanding and bookshelf speakers alongside ATC source and amplification products on permanent demonstration at Adventures, but the full range is available for listening by appointment.

Spendor-A2 speaker


New to the Adventures playlist, and well worth the wait. Spendor designs and builds its loudspeakers in the UK. They are easy to set up and work effortlessly with a wide range of amplifiers. Their timeless, elegant design, which has evolved over fifty years makes them instantly likeable and fit unobtrusively in any home. We all experience music in a unique and personal way; Spendor's is an intense, immersive experience that engages the emotions and intellect, as well as the senses. Spendor loudspeakers reveal details and subtleties that open new windows on the performance and can transform the way you connect with music.

PMC Twenty 5i range


PMC have kitted out world famous professional studios including BBC’s Maida Vale and Stevie Wonder’s Wonderland, can count the late great Prince as a client and been awarded an Emmy for recording work.

From professional audio beginnings, PMC now have a range of audiophile designs stretching from the miniature to the mighty, ideal for stereo or surround applications. All deliver the highest level of musicality; nothing but the essence of the artist's intentions.

PMC’s unique ATL "Advanced Transmission Line" technology enables the speakers to produce higher sound pressure levels and deeper bass extension than is possible with similar sized speakers using either ported or sealed cabinets.

ProAc D20R


Since 1998, ProAc has been designing and manufacturing hand-crafted, high-performance and quite beautiful loudspeakers.

Every ProAc loudspeaker is hand-crafted, built and tested by technicians from the flagship Response models to the diminutive Tablette. Build quality alone is unsurpassed, each cabinet being meticulously constructed, damped and finished in real wood veneer.
Adventures have worked with ProAC for over 10 years, carrying a wide range of their products including the Tablette Range, Response and D20R.



Harbeth celebrates its 45th anniversary in 2022, founded in 1977 to commercialise the BBC's loudspeaker R&D.

The Harbeth family ranges from the shoe-box sized P3ESR right up to the mighty flagship Monitor 40.2. All are available in beautiful veneers, and all breath with the world famous, open, natural, Harbeth sound.



Kudos has evolved into one of the UK’s fastest-growing loudspeaker companies in recent years and has won numerous awards.

Kudos takes a music-led approach to loudspeaker design, using music as the primary tool in designing and assessing loudspeakers. Traditional scientific measurements are used only to investigate technical issues within a design.

From the baby X2 through to the Super Twenty and Titan 606 (pictured), that attention to detail and love of music is palpable.

Dali Oberon-1-Oak


New to Adventures in 2020, Dali has been manufacturing affordable, engaging loudspeakers in Denmark since 1983.

Today, DALI offers an exciting range of speakers to suit every taste from the cost-conscious SPEKTOR series to the performance speaker the EPICON 8. At Adventures, we love the OBERON Series. OBERON 1 (pictured), with new oversized tweeters, wide-dispersion wood-fibre woofers, striking Danish cabinet design, and the first entry-level loudspeaker to incorporate DALI’s patented SMC technology - drastically reducing non-linear magnetic distortion - is a fabulous little all-round speaker.



Shahinian Acoustics design loudspeakers to recreate sound as naturally as possible, mimicking the wave dispersion pattern of natural sounds with poly-directional dynamic speakers.

Each product has an individual identity and voice, while maintaining a family resemblance. Instantly recognisable, Shahinian speakers feature unusual geometry, with Finland birch cabinets, unusual slopes, minimal baffle areas, non-resisitive crossovers and a host of other unique refinements carefully selected for their impact on sound. And it works – Shahinian are amongst the most musical loudspeakers we have heard.