Music is our obsession

Located in Chester and servicing clients throughout Cheshire, Merseyside, North Wales, the North West and beyond, our shop is a haven for music lovers. Relaxed, informal listening sessions take place over a coffee in comfort – just like you would at home.

Adventures in Hifi dem room

Dem room

Our main demonstration room is designed to make your experience as comfortable, relaxed and above all enjoyable as possible.

We have a huge range of vinyl and digital music here but encourage customers to bring their own… we love nothing more than being introduced to new music so bring your favourite music in and hear it. Really hear it.

Linn LP2 on jig at adventures in hifi


Where many an old turntable has been stripped, rebuilt and resurrected or fitted with its latest upgrade. When we’re not listening to music or auditioning new products, we are usually found here meticulously testing, repairing and servicing customer products, carefully fitting new tweeters to loudspeakers or terminating just the right length of speaker cable.

Fully equipped with turntable jigs, bespoke tools and measuring instruments; if your beloved hi-fi component is broken, we will give it the very best chance of repair.

Our Partners

Each one of our manufacturing partners has been carefully chosen for their unique specialism. We love hearing new products and judging the improvements they do, or don’t, make to a system.

We are proud to be associated with the best in the business: Linn, Rega, Moon by Simaudio, Sugden, Naim, Bryston, Cyrus, Unison Research, Michell Engineering, Well Tempered Labs, Dynavector, Audio Technica, Ortofon, Lyra, Nagaoka, PMC, ProAc, Harbeth, Spendor, Shahinian, B&W, Kudos, Innuos, Melco, The Chord Company, Atlas Cables, Tellurium TQ, Audioquest, Quadraspire, Ruark, Rotel, Grado, Custom Design.