Degritter Record Cleaning

Vinyl enthusiasts know how important it is to keep records clean, avoiding excessive cartridge wear and sometimes damage, as well as cross-contamination of your collection. Cleanliness is also fundamental to achieving optimum audio quality from vinyl; a clean record will not only sound better, but last longer. But it’s not just about improving sound - repeated playing of soiled records can cause permanent damage to the vinyl and accelerates stylus wear.

Degritter MARKII is the best cleaning machine we have come across; it's results are extraordinary. It is a chunky investment but for those with large (and valuable) collections, Degritter is well worth considering.

MARK II features improved ultrasonic cleaning via Ultrasonic Power Drive 2.0 – stronger, but safe for the record, as well as Pulse Mode cleaning – better cleaning effect and low power consumption.

Degritter Mark II gray

Degritter MARK II silver finish

Degritter Mark II - water tank

Degritter MARK II water tank

Degritter Mark II - filter

Degritter MARK II filter