Music to its fullest potential

Our 80+ combined years of experience will guide you through the often bewildering array of products, musical formats and manufacturers out there to arrive at your own personal nirvana –where you can rejoice in music to its fullest potential.

If it sounds better, it is better

Forget watts per channel, soundstage, 5* magazine reviews and baffling ‘audiophile’ descriptions of how something sounds. Whilst we understand all these, the true measure of a good music system is how late it keeps you up at night; how compelled it makes you feel to play just one more album and how much it makes you boogie.

We pride ourselves in our independence from reviews, manufacturer favouritism and industry trends, trusting our own, and your, ears to discover the right system for you. Our motto is simple: if it sounds better, it is better.

Adventures in Hifi dem room


The music aficionado; driven by a deep-seated love of music and aversion to the dubious, ‘stars for advertising’ review culture of the hi-fi industry.

When the frustration of working in other hi-fi shops became too much for him, Rob decided the only course for true independence was to go it alone. And so Adventures in Hi-Fi was born in 2000.

Veteran of thousands of live performances, Rob knows the joy of a great sound when he hears it and his mission is to bring that into your home.

Adventures in Hifi dem room


The resident ‘old skool’ hi-fi buff with over 30 years of product knowledge but at heart a simple music fan too.

Brian has been involved in selling and servicing hi-fi forever. What he doesn’t know about hi-fi isn’t worth knowing. Find the most obscure bit of 1970s audio electronics and Brian will be able to tell you exactly how it works and why.

Brian has been selling Linn and Naim as long as they have been selling themselves and servicing LP12s since the 1970s. His wide-ranging musical taste ranges from indie stalwarts like The Smiths and R.E.M. to a bit of country, some new-age folk and lots of quirky stuff in between.

Adventures in Hifi dem room


The ‘Linn nut’, Sondek LP12 guru, qualified electrical engineer and streaming expert, Phil is the behind-the-scenes technical whizz of the operation.

Phil is an engineer first and foremost. He thinks like an engineer, prepares and plans like an engineer and acts like an engineer. He is meticulous and precise in everything he does and this is reflected in his exceptional LP12 servicing, something our customers rave about.

His engineering mind also lends itself to fastidious planning of installations, network set-up, cabling, etc. to ensure minimum disruption and ultimate satisfaction to our clients.