Music Streaming

When we heard our first streamer in 2006 we knew that the future of digital music had arrived.

Capable of playing everything from an iTunes library, CD collection or Studio Master high definition audio, digital streaming products will revolutionise the convenience and performance of your existing collection and introduce you to a world of new music.


Dedicated Streamers

Your digital source. Also known as a network music player, this is what ‘pulls’ your music along an ethernet cable from its home in your NAS drive or in ‘the cloud’, unpacks it and translates it into digital audio, decodes it and finally converts it to an analogue wave for amplification and playback.

Linn Selekt DSM


As digital streaming has developed over the past decade, the demand for a one-box system that can do everything – stream, convert and amplify – has soared. We are in the lucky position to now have several contenders for one-box hero.



Music streaming has become a way of life and streamers are designed to fit into that life, whatever the style. If you're after a more compact, design-conscious streaming solution, that can also be easily linked around multiple rooms in your home, we have several options.

Innuos cd ripping and streaming services

Your Music

You have auditioned and chosen your ideal streaming system – now where does the music come from? You may choose to rip and store your entire CD and download collection on a NAS, or you could plump for one of the many streaming services available.