The other bits. Some streamers include DACs, some also have a CD drive and some contain their own power supplies, but all of these functions can also be performed by standalone units. Here we’ll cover some of the reasons why you might want to go down this route and the possibilities along it.


CD Players

Despite the increasing prevalence of music streaming, CD players still have an important role in the world of Hi-Fi. There are still excellent CD players being produced by Sugden, Naim, Moon and Rega to name a few.

Sugden Fusion for example perfectly compliments the A21 and A21SE amplifiers, and we also have the Rega range from Apollo-R to Isis as well as Naim classics CDX2 or CD5 SI available for demonstration.

MOON by Simaudio 280D


A digital to analogue converter is an essential part of every hi-fi system that plays music from a digital source – streaming, CD or DAB+.

As the name suggests, a DAC transforms the digital information retrieved from a CD or file, into an analogue audio signal for amplification and playback. It can be part of your streamer or CD player, or it can be a dedicated standalone unit.

Our range of DACs extends from simple USB-style to audiophile classics such as Sugden Masterclass, Naim Audio DAC-V1 and the high resolution streaming DAC, 280D DSD from MOON by Simaudio.


Power Supplies

Every electrical device requires a power supply – and the cleaner the better. ‘Dirty’ AC mains or a big, noisy transformer can have a negative impact on your system’s performance.

The power supply should filter and ‘cleanse’ sometimes variable AC mains into the consistent DC voltage that your components covet.

We will guide you through the technical jargon and urban myths around this subject and let you hear the difference a separate PSU can make.