LP12 Klinik at Adventures!

4 November 2023

We are thrilled to announce that as part of Linn’s 50th Anniversary year, Adventures In Hi-Fi is hosting a celebratory LP12 Klinik in-store on Thursday 16th and Saturday 18th November!

Plus, we have an unmissable and exclusive offer for you:

Purchase any Linn LP12 upgrade during November and we will give you:

  • 10% off the upgrade
  • A full LP12 service at half price
  • And we’ll fit the upgrade for free

And if you spend over £3000 (RRP) on Linn LP12 upgrades, you’ll also receive a free Linn Utopik power upgrade!


Pressure Machine The Killers

Our thoughts: Pressure Machine, The Killers

26 May 2022

A bit of a new feature for us but we do spend a lot of time listening to music, and vinyl in particular, so we thought we would share some of our thoughts here. First up, Phil’s take on Pressure Machine, the seventh studio album from The Killers released in August last year:

“As returns on album sales dwindle rapidly these days, most musicians need to go on the road to earn their keep. The previous album from Las Vegas band ‘The Killers’ was recorded just before lockdown and released in the middle of it during 2020. They never even got a chance to tour with it.

Therefore, ‘Pressure Machine’ is their second album within 12 months. It seems that this release has brought the band back down to earth, especially for the lead singer Brandon Flowers who was born in a small town in Utah, USA. Reliving his past, he takes us through his teenage years, with awkward scenes, poignant moments and some very touching ones as well. Most tracks involve an opening narrative by a local town person, describing an event that happened and briefly re-living it in the process. The song’s lyrics then follow this introduction as its main theme. (more…)

Okki Nokki One

Preserving your cherished vinyl

18 August 2020

You’ve spent hundreds, even thousands, on your vinyl collection (not to mention the equipment on which to play it!) so it is vital that you keep those records clean. Both to enjoy the best audio playback and preserve the records themselves, but also to avoid damaging your cartridge.

Record cleaning is something we are frequently asked about. We own large collections ourselves so know all about what is required to preserve vinyl.

The condition of your records has a direct impact on their sound quality. Dirty records not only sound bad, but they also exacerbate stylus wear and contaminate your turntable – spreading the muck across your collection. Both new and used record purchases should always be cleaned before they go anywhere near your turntable and stylus. New records can often be statically charged, making any unwanted particles or factory debris stick.

A typical vinyl record has around half a mile of grooves; any dirt or debris picked up as your stylus makes its long journey through your record will have an impact on sound quality. Also, just like a dirty or bumpy road will wear your car tyres quicker, dirty grooves will inevitably make life harder for your stylus.

So what’s the best way to clean? Well, if you have the time and inclination, your own Okki Nokki cleaning machine is what we recommend. Compact and easy to use, the Okki Nokki produces excellent results. Available to order from us, the Okki Nokki comes in black or white and is now supplied complete with dust cover for £495; the perfect preserving solution for serious enthusiasts.

We do also offer a record-cleaning service at Adventures – £3 for two sides, with a new anti-static sleeve included. It’s not our favourite job, but we realise how important it is!

Dirty vinyl

Why you should always clean records

7 January 2019

The condition of vinyl records has a direct impact on their sound quality. It’s common knowledge that records need the occasional clean; used record purchases especially should always be cleaned before they go anywhere near your turntable and stylus. Dirty records not only sound bad, but they also exacerbate stylus wear and contaminate your turntable – spreading the muck across your precious vinyl collection.What isn’t always common knowledge however, is that brand new vinyl needs cleaning too – ideally before it hits your turntable. The reason for this is two-fold: static charge & factory grime.

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Rob's Albums of the Year

Rob’s Albums of the Year

21 December 2018

In no particular order, here’s what’s been spinning on the Adventures’ deck this year.

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Eels, Coombes and Biscuits

Eels, Coombes and Biscuits

21 May 2018

It’s getting a little too warm out there for us, so instead of soaking up the sunshine, we’ve been indoors soaking up some splendid new vinyl releases.

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Vinylfinders Ecton

VINYLFINDERS – A record lover’s paradise

16 April 2018

Our good friend and Hi-fi industry legend, Paul Darwin, realised a lifetime dream yesterday with the opening of Vinylfinders record store in Ecton, Northampton.

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John Bramwell - Leave Alone The Empty Spaces

John Bramwell – Leave Alone The Empty Spaces

10 March 2018

Cheshire’s own John Bramwell has been performing and recording music since the 80s, from his first four-piece band “The Ignition”, to the enigmatic, Mercury Prize-nominated “I Am Kloot”. His latest release, “Leave Alone The Empty Spaces” is poetic, intriguing and uplifting, and acoustically simple yet beautiful; well worth searching out for a listen.

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Embrace Love Is A Basic Need


2 March 2018

Today sees the release of our good friends Embrace’s latest album, twenty years since their epic debut, The Good Will Out.

Love Is A Basic Need is the band’s seventh studio album, and it’s a cracker. Available on all formats including luscious vinyl and 24-bit studio master download

I urge all you Good Good People to check it out .

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Autumn Albums - LCD Soundsystem, Liam Gallagher, Michael Head & The National

Autumn Albums

25 October 2017

Autumn: the season of change, when summer blooms slowly transform through a kaleidoscope of dazzling reds into the bare branches of winter. Fitting then, that some of our favourite albums this season have come from established artists maturing with some dazzling work.

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Glued to our Turntable July

On our decks this month

24 July 2017

It’s been a busy month of gigs for Adventures in Hi-fi. Again.

Live music often influences what we listen to in the shop and this month some of our live highlights have been Radiohead at Old Trafford and James at Castlefield Bowl so The Bends and Laid have been glued to our turntable.

Plus, we just can’t get enough of The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper remaster and we’re still battering Whitney – Light Upon the Lake from last year, with a bit of The Charlatans – Different Days thrown in too.

It’s going to take something special to pry these from our turntable!

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