Not everybody aspires to a grand stack of hi-fi separates. Personal circumstances, or choice, often dictate that a small and compact, even portable music system is preferred. At Adventures, we have chosen a select few products in this field that will indulge your musical tastes in miniature and allow you to take your music wherever you go.


This neat range contains some of our best-selling products. They are beautifully simple, look and sound fabulous and incorporate all the features you need for a complete modern day music solution.

The latest R1 is the third generation of Ruark’s famous table radio which began the Ruark Audio story. The R2 is a compact music system which looks and sounds sublime. And the R4 IMS (integrated music system) is the perfect all in one music solution for 21st century living.

Chord Mojo

Mojo portable DAC and headphone amplifier. This little powerhouse, the size of a pack of playing cards, will not only make your music sound better, but will effortlessly drive any pair of headphones – wherever you are, no matter what.

The new Poly when added to the Mojo turns it into a full high-resolution wireless network player which can be used as a DNLA streamer, to play from an SD card or via bluetooth, and allows wireless playback and control from smartphones.

B&W T7 wireless speaker

The B&W T7 is Bowers & Wilkins’ first portable, Bluetooth wireless speaker. Revered in the hi-fi world, B&W have entered this new market in customary style.

The T7 looks good and delivers high-quality sound in a portable, relatively affordable package.