Not everybody aspires to a grand stack of hi-fi separates. Personal circumstances, or choice, often dictate that a small and compact, even portable music system is preferred. At Adventures, we have chosen a select few products in this field that will indulge your musical tastes in miniature and allow you to take your music wherever you go.

Ruark 3


This neat range contains some of our best-selling products. Beautifully simple, look and sound fabulous and incorporate all the features you need for a complete modern day music solution.

The latest R1 Deluxe Bluetooth Radio is the fourth generation of Ruarkā€™s famous table radio. The R3 system (pictured) includes Wi-Fi streaming with Spotify Connect, support for Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music, a multi-format CD player as well as Internet Radio/DAB/DAB+/FM; which looks and sounds sublime.

And the R5 system steps up the quality again for the perfect all in one music solution for 21st century living.

Linn Series 3

Linn Series 3

Series 3 is Linn's first portable, Bluetooth wireless speaker. Revered in the hi-fi world of course for the iconic Sondek LP12 as well as it's pioneering work in high resolution streaming, Linn entered this new market in customary style.

Series 3 is stylish, compact and sounds utterly sensational. At the higher end of compact and portable, as you would expect, Series 3 has set a new benchmark for audio quality in wireless speakers.