It may not be the sexiest part of your hi-fi system, but the cabling you use throughout, from mains leads to interconnects to speaker cable, can make an enormous difference to your system’s overall performance.

It can be one of the ‘biggest bang for your buck’ upgrades you will make.


The ideal interconnect would do nothing at all to the audio signal – except carry it. Some interconnects do this better than others, losing less information along the way; more than just an accessory, the correct interconnect can transform the experience and pleasure of listening to your favourite pieces of music.

Tellurium Q Black is one of our favourites - a stereo interconnect with a high level of transparency and great shielding, and have some crackers from The Chord Company, Linn, AudioQuest and more.

Speaker cable

The final link in the cable chain, speaker cable carries the audio signal to your loudspeakers. This cable has three key electrical properties: resistance, capacitance and inductance which generally define its performance. There’s a simple rule here – length of cable to each speaker should be identical, regardless of speaker placement and should be as short as possible.

Chord EpicX for example, is a shielded speaker cable that works well with pretty much every style of speaker from mid-price to high-end. EpicX brings detail, dynamics, resolution and coherence and is particularly good at bringing control and definition to bass frequencies.


The cable that has to handle sometimes inconsistent quality of AC mains and shield power from interference, this is a key element of your system. A smooth, stable, low-noise supply is as important to performance as reducing audio loss between components.

That’s why we offer a choice of mains cables from both hi-fi manufacturers like Naim and Linn, as well as cable specialists Chord, Atlas and more at various levels to bring you the cleanest power possible for your home system.