All-in-one systems

As digital streaming has developed over the past decade, the demand for a one-box system that can do everything – stream, convert and amplify – has soared. We are in the lucky position to now have several contenders for one-box hero.



Introduced in 2016, MOON’s Neo Ace is A Complete Experience of musical ecstasy. Simply hook up a pair of speakers, connect to the internet and you are ready for music, lots of music.



The new Naim Audio Uniti family consists of three all-in-one players: the reference audiophile Uniti Nova, the multi-functional CD operating Uniti Star and the compact yet powerful Uniti Atom. The Uniti Core reference music server completes the range, allowing you to store and stream thousands of albums and back up all of your music in one place. With each player working independently (or together), simply add speakers to unleash your music in any room of the house.

Majik DSM 2020 & 109


Linn's Majik DSM has been a firm favourite since it's launch in 2011; March 2020 saw it's 4th, and biggest and best, refresh.

This one-box streamer, pre-amp and amp really does have it all. Outstanding audio performance, sleek new looks, very good internal MM phono stage, 8 digital & analogue inputs including HDMI and USB Audio Class 2 HDMI 2.0 connections (4K compatible), front panel headphone socket and both wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

Add in Linn Space Optimisation, six customisable smart buttons, two channels of 100W Class-D power amplification plus seamless 24-bit 192 kHz streaming integration with TIDAL and Qobuz.