Every performance needs a stage. Just as musicians perform on a platform, your hi-fi demands that stage to bring music to life. We have an assortment of furniture that not only offers superb acoustic performance but do so with stylish looks.


Quadraspire X-Reference

Unveiled in 2016, X-Reference is the culmination of over 20 years’ research, and development by British manufacturer Quadraspire.

Laminated Bamboo SVT specially curved to avoid parallel lines, coated on the underside with Nextel for sound deadening, decoupled from X-Frame by adjustable bronze spike and cap assemblies and brass collars, shaped conically to give a natural sound. Individually tuneable shelves, modular frame and varying column heights, so can be tailored to your unique system requirements.


Bespoke Cabinets and Racks

If you have a particular space or design requirement but don’t want to compromise on build quality or sonic performance, we work with a local specialist furniture-maker who will build to your exact specification.

In addition, we stock customised racks and furniture from manufacturers, made specifically for their products. Naim Fraim, has been carefully designed to provide the perfect platform for Naim Audio electronics to shine. Each level is isolated from the next using a cup-and-cone interface.


Turntable Shelves

All hi-fi benefits from a solid, vibration free base, but turntables (and notably suspension ones) are particularly influenced by what they stand upon and where that stand is located.

The best placement for your deck will depend on its type and also your home environment – do you have bouncy wooden floorboards or a solid concrete floor for example? Is your listening room subject to a lot of external vibrations and noise?