The listening experience a great pair of headphones provides can be a wondrous, personal moment. Closing off the outside world and immersing yourself right in the middle of the music makes the performance more intimate and incredibly detailed, eliminating ambient noise and other distractions.


Headphone amps

The best headphones perform to their true potential when driven by a dedicated headphone amplifier – a miniature power amp specifically designed to drive the miniature speakers inside headphones.

Our range of headphone amps has been carefully selected to elicit the absolute best from headphones. From Rega’s entry level Ear to the refined powerhouse from MOON, the 230HAD, we have an amp to suit all applications.



Perfect for music on the move, in-ear headphones are generally lightweight by design but not by performance.

The best in-ears fit like true earplugs and can sound as good, or better, than full-size headphones. If you’re on-the-go 24/7, commuting or at the gym and need the best ambient noise isolation, combining in-ear headphones with a portable player may well be the best choice.

Grado SR325e

On/Over Ear

For the most immersive experience, an on or over ear pair of headphones is hard to beat. Extra comfort, detail and often bass just some of the advantages.

Experimenting with headphones of different styles, weights and materials and of course quality is essential to finding your ideal set. We have full ranges from Grado, Bowers & Wilkins and more available in store for you to try.