Okki Nokki One

Preserving your cherished vinyl

18 August 2020

You’ve spent hundreds, even thousands, on your vinyl collection (not to mention the equipment on which to play it!) so it is vital that you keep those records clean. Both to enjoy the best audio playback and preserve the records themselves, but also to avoid damaging your cartridge.

Record cleaning is something we are frequently asked about. We own large collections ourselves so know all about what is required to preserve vinyl.

The condition of your records has a direct impact on their sound quality. Dirty records not only sound bad, but they also exacerbate stylus wear and contaminate your turntable – spreading the muck across your collection. Both new and used record purchases should always be cleaned before they go anywhere near your turntable and stylus. New records can often be statically charged, making any unwanted particles or factory debris stick.

A typical vinyl record has around half a mile of grooves; any dirt or debris picked up as your stylus makes its long journey through your record will have an impact on sound quality. Also, just like a dirty or bumpy road will wear your car tyres quicker, dirty grooves will inevitably make life harder for your stylus.

So what’s the best way to clean? Well, if you have the time and inclination, your own Okki Nokki cleaning machine is what we recommend. Compact and easy to use, the Okki Nokki produces excellent results. Available to order from us, the Okki Nokki comes in black or white and is now supplied complete with dust cover for £495; the perfect preserving solution for serious enthusiasts.

We do also offer a record-cleaning service at Adventures – £3 for two sides, with a new anti-static sleeve included. It’s not our favourite job, but we realise how important it is!