New Naim / Focal App

7 October 2022

Naim Audio and Focal have launched a joint Focal & Naim App to unite the brands in one user-friendly app that combines the original Naim App functionality and a fresh design to support Focal’s new App-enabled product.

And the first update is here already! Version 6.0 for iOS* devices and 6.0 for Android is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Users can easily toggle between the brands’ universes by swiping left or right on the homepage. The Focal & Naim App continues to support all the Naim products that the previous app did, with the same configurations.

To set up a new product, use an existing one or configure it, simply tap the relevant brand’s homepage.

Users of iPhones and iPads will need to be running at least iOS 13.1.

If you have enabled automatic updates on your device then there is nothing further for you to do, the app update will happen automatically. If you prefer to update manually then check the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and apply the update when it’s available.

*Please note that update 6.0 for iOS does not include a bug fix for the iPhone UPnP discovery issue related to iOS 16. Naim’s software team are aware of the issue and are working on a patch for it.