Linn Selekt Surround sound

Linn Selekt DSM Surround

25 April 2019

The first upgrade modules are now available for Linn’s single box game-changer Selekt DSM, aimed squarely at movie-lovers.

Selekt Surround adds full 5.1 cinematic experience to Selekt DSM without compromising it’s sleek simplicity. Surround fits inside any Selekt DSM and comprises a surround sound processing module, HDMI switching module and three DAC cartridges – either three line out or two power amplification plus a new combined power amp/sub out (depending on the model) – all neatly packaged as modules and cartridges to fit efficiently into Selekt DSM.

Four new Selekt DSM Surround models are now available, and all four existing Selekt DSM units can be upgraded to Selekt DSM Surround by purchasing the upgrade module.

Call or email for upgrade prices.