New Linn App

New Linn App now available

3 February 2020

Linn has launched and a new and improved user interface – Linn App – for control of its digital streaming products. The new and improved app replaces Kazoo for iOS users and offers a host of new features designed to enhance the user experience.

Quick Access: Browse, Search, Queue, Room selection and System setting tabs are always on screen, making it quick and easy to access anything you need at all times.

Global Search: Quickly find the music you’re looking for across all streaming services and stored music content at the same time.

Access Playlists from Anywhere: Playlists are now stored on the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere and play them on any Linn DSM player, simply by logging into your Linn Account.

Basic System Configuration: Access to user configuration options, such as the ability to rename rooms and sources, add sources plus the ability to update to the latest software for selected products.

Linn App is available now to download for iOS in the App store here and will be introduced for Android later this year.