Naim Firmware 3.8.1 Update for Uniti range and ND streamers

21 June 2022

Naim has this week issued a minor patch release – version 3.8.1 – of the Firmware for Uniti Atom, Atom Headphone Edition, Uniti Star, Uniti Nova, ND5 XS2, NDX2 and ND555.

The update is easily installed via the Naim App: please ensure you are running at least version 2.24 (Android devices) or 5.24 (Apple iOS devices) and includes fixes for these reported issues:


  • Updated AirPlay implementation
  • Image selection with Rovi lookup
  • Streamer will wake from standby state at start of Bluetooth playback
  • Hidden files and folders are excluded from USB/SD content ingestion


  • Multiroom playback could feature short drop outs on client devices (legacy and current platform)
  • UTF-8 characters in track metadata would cause playback to fail
  • WMA 10 Pro files could fail to import
  • Skipping tracks on USB input would sometimes fail
  • Playing local favourites with no network connection would fail
  • Roon signal path incorrect when playing >192kHz content
  • AirPlay would sometimes play silently
  • Client sync out after AirPlay -> multiroom transition
  • A ‘#’ symbol in an album name would prevent artwork from being displayed
  • Bluetooth codec indicator was hidden after playback was paused and resumed
  • Bluetooth playback would not wake the system from standby

Any problems, just give us a call at the shop for help – 01244 345 576.