innuOS Update v2.3

8 February 2023

New innuOS software v2.3 is now available, with two major improvements:

  • The ability to download purchased Qobuz music directly to your Innuos, saving the need to use a USB stick or drag/drop from PC
  • X2 MQA decode, giving partial unfold to Tidal which benefits DACs with no MQA support. For fully compliant MQA Decoder DACs Innuos recommends leaving the software decoder off and continuing to let the DAC do the full processing.

Full List of New Features and Improvements:

  • MQA Software decoding support
  • Added option to download purchased music from Qobuz
  • Option to disable syncing Qobuz and TIDAL with the Music Library
  • New integrated view for managing streaming services
  • Added option to play Artist Mix
  • Added option to play shuffle an Album
  • Added option to not sync purchased music from Qobuz
  • Ability to play All Top Tracks for Streaming Services
  • Added HD logo for multiformat albums with HighRes tracks
  • Player settings now save settings per DAC
  • Improved support for NAS drives with case-insensitive filesystems
  • Faster album cover and track file scanning
  • General performance and stability improvements
  • General UI and UX improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the assisted mode CD ripping issue
  • Fixed issue where backup would take longer then expected time to finish due to an issue with the thumbnail generation routine
  • Fixed an issue where a Smart Mix would neer end loading on large libraries
  • Fixed issue where loading animation would not stop when adding tracks to the Music Library in specific situations
  • Fixed issue and improved app resilience when external (Streaming Services) errors occur
  • Fixed issue that prevented the player from connecting when there was no DAC present
  • Fixed issue where server task would never end in Network players
  • Fixed issue where offline NAS drives would cause incorrect messages
  • Fixed filter persistence when returning to a results page from an Album or playlist
  • Fixed issue in the Now Playing on mobile, where track info stopped working
  • Fixed issue when returning from an unsaved home page edit
  • Fixed visual glitch where albums with long titles would be overlapped
  • Fixed issue in the streaming service login card when the streaming service was unavailable
  • Fixed issue that prevented radio from being available when streaming services produced errors
  • Fixed issue that prevented M2Tech DACs from being configured

We recommend refreshing your backup after the update, so it contains the latest changes to the backup format.