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New look for Linn app

22 February 2024

Linn has updated and improved it’s control app user interface to make browsing and managing single and multiple systems much easier.

The new streamlined Linn App interface make the process of navigating and getting the most from Linn App easier for all. New features included are:

  • ‘Browse’ & ‘Search’ Tabs merged into a single tab labelled ‘Explore’
  • Tap ‘Explore’ to view your complete list of individual music sources
  • Tap ‘Search all sources’ at the top of the screen to perform a global search across every enabled music source
  • To search within a specific music source (Qobuz, TIDAL, airable Radio, NAS, etc.), tap desired source and use search text field at the top of the screen
  • New ‘Top’ results tab when searching TIDAL & Qobuz integrates seamlessly with these services’ algorithms to display optimised search results clearly using the whole screen
  • ‘Home’ & ‘System’ tabs merged into one tab labelled ‘Rooms’
  • Room tiles now clearly display room name, product name, product image and Now Playing information
  • Configuration of individual rooms (including room grouping, settings and software updates) are now accessible via the 3-dot ‘burger’ menu on the room tile’s top right
  • ‘Pins’ are now configured directly beneath your Room tile

General Settings now sit under the ‘More’ tab in the app’s lower right corner.

As a reminder, you can do all of this from the Linn app for mobile devices:

  • Save and access your playlists on any Linn streaming system
  • Browse streaming services and stored music at the same time on a single screen
  • Improved integration with streaming services including Qobuz, TIDAL and Deezer
  • Newly enriched browsing experience presents top suggestions for your search
  • Access to internet radio with Airable integrated in-app
  • Improved control and organisation of multi-room systems
  • Direct access to all features, functions and settings via user-friendly, always-on tabs
  • Update your system software and customise preferences directly from Linn app

The new App version will be downloaded automatically if you are already using the app but any issues, just get in touch – 01244 345576 or

Download Linn app here:

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