Linn Kazoo 23 08 21

Linn Kazoo Update 23.8.21

3 September 2021

Linn Kazoo App version 4.13.82, released 23 Aug 2021

For those using Linn Kazoo as the control app for their Linn music streamers, a new update fixes a few issues and brings several improvements. Version 4.13.82, released 23rd August 2021 with the following fixes/improvements:

  • New network discovery system to improve the speed and reliability of system discovery. Requires Davaar 81 or later
  • Small improvement to start up time by reducing the amount of data we load
  • Removed old TIDAL username/password login support
  • Fix bug leaving settings window permanently open
  • Fixed crash when attempting to logout a streaming service

Linn Kazoo

Fast, fun and easy to use, Linn Kazoo is the perfect way to control your Linn DS or DSM player from your phone or tablet. Browse and search all your music, save playlists and control different rooms, all from one simple app.

FREE TIDAL STREAMING – stream high quality music straight to your Linn system. Kazoo gives you direct access to Tidal’s huge music library, plus it’s free to try for 90 days for every registered Linn owner.

ALL YOUR MUSIC UNDER ONE ROOF – with customisable views and faster search, it’s never been easier to find that perfect track. Kazoo brings all your music together, however it’s stored or streamed.

TAKE CONTROL OF EVERY ROOM – own more than one Linn DS player? Kazoo’s specially designed multi-room feature lets you link rooms together or control them separately, all from one simple app.

Linn Kazoo works with:
– All Linn DS and DSM players (running Davaar firmware)
– OpenHome Media Players