Naim firmware 3.8 uniti and ND streamers

Naim Firmware 3.8 update for Uniti and ND streamers

9 December 2021

Naim Audio today release Firmware 3.8, which offers a range of improvements and minor bug fixes for the Naim Uniti range – Atom, Star and Nova – as well as network music players ND5 XS2, NDX2 and ND555.

It also fully prepares these products for the upcoming change in TIDAL authentication – so is an essential upgrade for anyone streaming TIDAL.

The update is easily installed via the Naim App: please ensure you are running the latest version: 2.22 (Android devices) or 5.22 (Apple iOS devices) or greater.

Release Notes:

System automation – preamp input is selected when changing source, content and transport state
Updated Roon implementation
Updated AirPlay implementation
CD Ripping (Star only) – analysis carried out on FLAC rips and indication given in the rip monitor if an error is detected
CD Ripping (Star only) – ripping will now only start if music store has sufficient space, and provide an error message if not. This improves previous situation where rips could start then fail

Multiroom – New platform device could not connect to legacy master device after being disconnected
Multiroom – Intermittent small burst of audio on master device when changing to track of a different sample rate
Internet radio stations which use HTTPS would fail to play
USB – .m3u playlists would fail to play
Bluetooth input did not auto select at start of playback
Front panel – Artwork from some services would fail to load
Front panel – Display off when not playing timer was not reset on standby cycle
Front panel – Disabled external inputs were shown under the inputs menu
Bluetooth – no metadata show on now playing after input auto select
Tidal favourites could fail to sync on some accounts
Display – processing of very large artwork images could cause a crash
Roon – progress bar was shown on the front panel for live radio stations
Front Panel – Period of black screen on track transitions as new artwork loads
Playing a large playlist could result in only the first 15 tracks being queued
Metadata lookup would fail on some CDs (Star only)