Naim App update 2.22 and 5.22

Naim App Update iOS 5.22 and Android 2.22

21 September 2021

New Features
Text resized according to system settings

TIDAL: identify albums/tracks with explicit lyrics

Bug fixes
Restored missing options on Play Queue track options
Input selection no longer displayed as previous input when playing a TIDAL Playlist
Volume button no longer sticks ramping the volume to 100%

Core: The metadata editor always clears after backgrounding/foregrounding app
Missing options on Play Queue view track options restored
You can now create a Local Music playlist if the Local Music playlist list is empty
Presets: list now updates without an app relaunched
Presets: Mu-so Drag-and-Drop of presets now updating
Product name change now immediately updates
Wifi setup issues fixed

Legacy: Play-queue track options not only reflect currently playing track
TIDAL input is now always selected when playing a TIDAL playlist
Youtube no longer opens instead of Youtube Music when selected from Chromecast input
Long track name text no longer stutters when scrolling on Now Playing
Play queue: changes now update correctly
Play queue: current playing track is now correctly highlighted
Legacy product now shows correct name for all servers, not ‘Local Music’ incorrectly
Changed input status and Page transition indicators now shown on Home Screen without restarting the app