Naim Uniti Core firmware update 2.5.4

7 April 2022

Naim Audio has released Firmware version 2.5.4 for Uniti Core, which offers a range of improvements and minor bug fixes:


  • SMB share discovery
  • Prevent attempt to backup to a drive smaller than the music library size
  • Improve backup sizing checks to allow backup to any size device if sufficient space available
  • Prevent ripping of CD if not enough space is left on the music store
  • Analysis carried out on FLAC rips and indication given in the rip monitor if an error was detected
  • Migrate Rovi lookup service to latest API
  • Ignore hidden files (e.g macOS bin folder) on import.


  • When running an incremental backup to a NAS sometimes files are unnecessarily copied
  • Backup could inaccurately report success
  • Formatting a drive to NTFS file system could fail
  • Local drives could fail to mount after a failed mount of a network share
  • On some NAS drives moving files to recycle bin could fail on first attempt
  • Roon CD lookups could fail
  • Artwork cache could be lost after power cycle
  • Firmware update check at boot could fail
  • Crash when ingesting WMA 10 Pro files


The update is easily installed via the Naim App: please ensure you are running the latest version: 2.23.2 (Android devices) or 5.23.2 (Apple iOS devices).