Naim App update – iOS 5.9 and Android 2.5

19 December 2017

New iOS and Andorid app updates are now available from Naim. The new updates includes metadata editing for Android, as well as several bug fixes:

iOS 5.9 Update
Fixed: When moving a track in a local playlist it sometimes jumps to a different position
Fixed: Uniti Core’s ability to backup store to network share
Fixed: Browse view to show albums that have ripping errors
Fixed: Album view: rip errors icon & popover
Fixed: Backup – “Erase data and perform new backup”
Fixed: Labels on iPad NP screen
Fixed: Restore from backup to new store
Fixed: Unavailable favourite albums and tracks now marked as unavailable
Fixed: Browse > Genres > Classical > All – results are capped at 200 items
Fixed: Cannot add DSD files to UPnP playlist
Fixed: Album view changes to support ripping error feedback
Fixed: Ripping monitor – update to latest wireframes, adding clear results & cancel buttons
Fixed: Network with no Internet (eg HiFi Show) – TIDAL login keeps popping up

Android 2.5 Update
New Feature – Metadata Editing
Fixed: Tidal Browse is blank on first connection
Fixed: UPnP Servers – fail to discover after resuming app
Fixed: Show Remote Version in About screen

Thanks Naim, some of those were quite annoying ?.