Selekt new features Davaar 75

Davaar 75 brings Wi-fi and Bluetooth to Linn Selekt

13 February 2020

New Davaar software – for all Linn DS/DSM products and Series 3 – adds some nice new features to Linn Selekt:

  • Wi-Fi network connectivity for Selekt (on all existing Selekt devices)
  • Bluetooth audio playback for Selekt (on all existing Selekt devices)
  • Configurable SPDIF input/output for Selekt (on all existing Selekt devices on SPDIF 1 connector)
  • MPEG2 AAC support for Selekt with surround module and Core 1 products with HDMI 2.0 and surround module

as well as some maintenance and bug fixes including:

– improvements to changing between wired and wireless networks
– improvements to reading TuneIn favourites
– fixed hang when connection to Linn Account was interrupted
– added mechanism for clearing Wi-Fi credentials from device

To update your unit, open Linn Konfig, select ‘Updates’ tab and follow prompts for each product, or follow Linn’s instructions here. Once the updated is complete, please power-cycle your system at the mains for optimum performance.

Linn Davaar 75 Build 360 (4.75.360) software update released 13th Feb 2020. View the full release notes here.

The update is very straightforward but any questions, give us a call on 01244 345 576.