TIDAL-Connect-App on Naim

Naim enable TIDAL Connect with Firmware 3.7

24 September 2021

Introducing new music-streaming options with TIDAL Connect
Naim Audio have added more listening options to it’s music-streaming players and systems with a free software update enabling TIDAL Connect.

TIDAL Connect allows you to explore all the rich features of the TIDAL App and stream your choices direct to your Naim player or system. You can continue to enjoy core TIDAL streaming functionality via the Naim App if you prefer.

The Firmware 3.7 update for Uniti Atom, Uniti Atom Headphone Edition, Uniti Star and Uniti Nova music-streaming systems, plus ND5 XS 2, NDX 2 and ND 555 dedicated streaming players, was released on 23rd September, with a matching update to follow for the Mu-so 2nd Generation family of wireless speakers. The update is quick and easy to install via the Naim App.

TIDAL Connect is available to all subscribers to the streaming service; a 90-day free trial is available for new users when they buy any of the current Naim streaming family.

Firmware 3.7 Release Notes:
Tidal Connect support

Updated AirPlay 2 library
Updated Chromecast library

Chromecast connection could fail depending on authentication server load
System would not reliably resume standby state after a mains power cycle
Stop then resume of Internet Radio in short succession could cause system to block up
Adding a multiroom client would resume that clients last played input instead of the multiroom stream
When acting as a multiroom client of a Legacy stream, play position was shown as 0:0
OGG CBR 48kHz 16-bit displayed as 32-bit
Small blip present on headphone output when selecting preamp output on Atom HE
AV fixed volume mode not reliably disabled when connecting headphones – Uniti
USB playback while in wireless setup mode would fail to show album artwork
Now playing could report stopped state while Internet Radio was playing
Spotify would not play if it was selected at the same time as another input
Chromecast would stop for ~5s when casting from YouTube Music or Spotify
ALAC 24-bit tracks were sometimes displayed as 32-bit
Changing client name while in multiroom session would cause audio to stop
When Spotify and another input was resumed roughly at the same time, Spotify sometimes failed to pause
Spotify Connect track would start from 2 seconds in when its first played
Seek node would jump when playing Qobuz Album
Slow mute not applied when pausing/skipping track in multiroom mode
Setup wizard countries list was sometimes incomplete
Small pop could be emitted when switching inputs – Uniti
Front panel – intermittent visual glitch during startup whilst waiting for home menu after power cycle
Front panel – intermittent visual glitch during factory reset
Opus format internet radio streams were not declared correctly
Noise on headphone output when exiting standby on external input – Uniti
On wakeup from standby, analogue Input was sometimes not unmuted – Uniti
Output was sometimes not unmuted on wake from standby on analogue input
Incorrect font used in the firmware version text in the front panel setup wizard
Display would sometimes show a dim or black screen after wake from standby
PCM data could sometimes be interpreted in DSD mode resulting in audio artefacts
Front panel setup wizard could fail to detect available firmware update