Chord Electronics digital secrets revealed – mind blown!

2 October 2018

Warning: this is techy, very techy, but if you want to know the secrets behind Chord Electronics’ DAC technology and in particular the game-changing (and controversial) Hugo M-Scaler, read on.

Hi-Fi Critic magazine have published a four-page in-depth look at Rob Watts’ filter technology, written by respected British journalist Keith Howard (Hi-Fi News). Rob has been designing audio electronics for over 35 years and is Chord’s digital design consultant, genius behind current products like M-Scaler, Mojo and Hugo as well as some of the early ground-breakers like DAC 64. Enjoy the read…

HiFi Critic Rob Watts

And if that isn’t tech enough, have a look at the Chord’s own chat on M-Scaler: M Scaler press release