Naim Uniti Core

Naim Uniti Core 2.5 Firmware update coming soon

20 December 2017

Naim Audio Uniti Core owners, keep your eye on your Naim App over the next few days – there is a significant firmware update coming soon and it’s a biggie, including fundamental usability improvements and major bug fixes. Here’s what’s new:

Ripping: The ripping monitor now gives detailed error reporting on read errors on a track by track basis * Detailed rip results are stored with each CD which allows the app to show error information for all ripped albums * Detailed feedback for ripping problems * If a CD fails to rip, the eject button LED flashes repeatedly to let the user know the CD has not been imported. The user has to press eject to retrieve the CD * Home screen “More…” link now has an option to view albums that are ripped with errors * When a CD has finished ripping, the ripping monitor retains the results (even if the app is closed when the CD finishes the rip), allowing you to check the result of the rip * If tracks fail to rip due to too many errors, the track is discarded and proceeds to the next track * FLAC files are now tagged with all available descriptions, composers and conductors for a track

Metadata: Composer and conductor tags now read when scanning music into the downloads folder, network or USB drives.

Improved Features: Faster and more reliable shared network discovery * Improved disc formatting, reliability and user feedback * Formatting – accurate progress reporting for NTFS and HFS+ * Modifications to changes in Downloads folder picked up quicker * Firmware update more robust under poor internet conditions * Faster encoding to FLAC during rip * Improved: Database retention of data of absent music stores and flushing of data of transient USB devices – faster database response when file systems come and go.

Fixed Issues:
Better error handling when importing to a full music store * Units occasionally crashed when generating audio signature for some files * Units occasionally crashed when large PNG images were embedded into FLAC files * Units occasionally crashed when deleting files which had already been moved * Some units sometimes abandoned the rip if target store becomes unavailable (e.g. when trying to re-initialise the disk) * Ripping – Prevent entry into standby during active rip * Power – Some units would occasionally switch back on 6 seconds after entering standby * Problems reading metadata from some FLAC files with unusually high number of metadata blocks * FreeDB multi-line track titles are now supported * Occasional incorrect metadata on imported albums (was dependent on what order files were copied into the Downloads folder) * Zero length comments in FLAC not handled correctly * Various fixes to background scanning of music collections * Restrict dimensions of cover art to prevent out of memory condition (2500 x 2500) * Housekeeper now deletes artist folders with no content * Units occasionally reported the incorrect device label for some USB drives * Some network shares would fail to index * Incorrect reporting of network shares as read only

Playback: SPDIF output disabled after 5 seconds of inactivity * Next track command occasionally froze playback counter until end of track * Previous track command now works when playback is paused. PREV/NEXT will resume paused playback * Increased SPDIF silent gap on a clock/format change