Naim Audio Firmware update streamers

Naim Streamer firmware update – Beat the Bugs!

9 March 2021

A new firmware release today from Naim (3.6.0) resolves a number of niggling issues with playback and display on current music streamers. Naim has beta-tested this release on a large test group so updating should be hassle-free and conclusive, result! The new firmware is easy to install, just wait for the prompt on your NaimApp and follow the on-screen instructions.


New: Display will wake up if it is off when the auto off setting is changed
Fixed: Display could get ‘frozen’ showing earlier track artwork and information
Fixed: Display could show a blank or black screen until standby cycle and was unresponsive to proximity detection
Fixed: Display could use incorrect values for sleep timeout
Fixed: Display sleep timeout was not reset after it was awoken by volume control change
Fixed: Display versions could be shown as empty in Settings -> AboutFixed: 32kHz WMA files sometimes failed to play
Fixed: Now playing screen was slow to display what is playing on Tidal and Qobuz inputs
Fixed: Occasional dropouts while playing Qobuz at 96kHz resolution and above
Fixed: Qobuz playback could stop on track transitions
Fixed: AirPlay 2 – would drop the connection at the end of an episode or video
Fixed: AirPlay 2 – volume could set itself to 100% after power cycle
Fixed: AirPlay 2 – when reducing volume level the level could land at the wrong position
Fixed: Audio stuttering when multirooming 192kHz content
Fixed: Starts of tracks could be missed when multirooming play queue input
Fixed: Dropouts when playing high-def radio streams with a multiroom client device connected
Fixed: Brief audio mute/unmute when resuming external inputs out of standby state
Fixed: Classic FM and KCRW 89.9 radio stations artwork failed to load when played from the default preset set
Fixed: Crash when playing FLAC file with decoder errors
Fixed: Crash caused by repeated skipping of tracks in play queue
Fixed: Crash when performed seek to time on DSD content
Fixed: FLAC format in an OGG container was reported as OGG, rather than FLAC
Fixed: Mute state could get out of sync with Naim app
Fixed: TIDAL favourites were not shown if the account password contained an ampersand
Fixed: Progress bar would lock up for several seconds after seeking to a new playback position
Fixed: Radio podcasts with very long names could obscure the elapsed time on the front panel
Fixed: Radio stations of format Opus in an OGG container would fail to play
Fixed: Standby cycle loop caused by requesting standby state and playback within short succession
Fixed: The front panel now playing screen could fail to update track information after scrolling through long Internet Radio station lists
Fixed: The front panel now playing screen could in rare cases get stuck in ‘connecting’ state on transition from USB to Internet Radio
Fixed: USB tracks could be listed as unavailable on when added to Favourites
Fixed: When server mode was disabled a shell UPnP server was visible in browsers such as smart TVs and third party UPnP control points

Uniti Atom, Star and Nova specific updates in this release:
Fixed: HDMI – Product name was truncated on television
Fixed: HDMI – ARC compatibility with late model Samsung TVs
Fixed: Occasional buzz sound when connecting or disconnecting headphones
Fixed: Occasional buzz sound when waking from standby on digital input
Fixed: Occasional pop from speaker output at boot up

ND5 XS 2, NDX 2 and ND 555 specific updates in this release:
Fixed: Hybrid volume mode would opt to use fixed volume instead of variable when acting as the multiroom client of a legacy system
Fixed: Intermittent muting with system automation enabled