Tiger Paw Javelin tonearm

Tiger Paw Javelin is here

4 June 2018

Just in time for our Lingo 4 show this weekend, we have installed the brand new Javelin tonearm from Tiger Paw on one of our demonLinn LP12s. You can’t hear this anywhere else in the North West just now, and it’s well worth a listen.

At £1800, Javelin is in a similar price bracket to Linn Akito, but we reckon it’s in a different performance bracket. Based on classic uni-pivot designs, Javelin has been painstakingly developed with new materials and assembly processes to produce an outstanding arm capable of resolving more information, more accurately to create a uniquely musical arm capable of extracting the most from modern high performance cartridges. It features:

– Titanium arm shaft
– Bespoke Tungsten and Sapphire main bearing
– Specific grades of aluminium for head shell, main body and mounting plate
– High tolerance manufacture and machining to provide optimum coupling between assemblies
– Revised internal and external wiring arrangements
– Easy to use and secure lift/lower mechanism
– Optimised bias system
– Unique offset bearing arrangement to allow compatibility with a broad range of cartridges

The result is an arm that is capable of producing dynamics normally associated with gim-balled arms as well as a natural and seamless delivery that is a hallmark of the very best uni-pivot designs. It is musically involving whilst at the same time capable of resolving extraordinary amounts of detail.

Javelin is released with Linn compatible mounting for standard Linn arm boards, Kore or Tiger Paw Akula sub chassis. Keel and Keel for Aro compatible versions to follow.

Come along on Friday 8th (12pm – 5pm) or Saturday 9th June (11am – 4pm) for a listen.