Chord Poly smartphone

Chord Poly: turn your smartphone into a high quality music player

1 November 2017

Chord Electronics have just released a very interesting product indeed – transform your smartphone or tablet into a hi-fi music player with Chord Poly.

No more tinny mp3 tunes; partner Poly with Chord’s exceptional Mojo DAC to wirelessly stream from connected devices and playback from its Micro SD with dramatically improved audio quality and all with smartphone control.

The smartphone becomes the controller, with Poly and Mojo doing the high-level audio processing, enabling Android and Apple smartphones/tablets to become portable ‘hi-fi quality’ digital audio players. Poly can also be used with PCs/laptops and can access music stored on NAS drives using popular DLNA apps. Playback is via Mojo’s twin headphone outputs, so home and in-car audio systems with auxiliary inputs can also benefit from improved sound quality.

Poly really is a ground-breaking portable music streamer. Its also a music player: an unlimited-capacity Micro SD card slot can house huge libraries and liberate storage on smart devices. Poly offers over-the-air updates, keeping the unit up-to-date with the latest firmware. And like Mojo, Poly is designed and made in Britain and precision CNC-machined from solid aluminium. Poly put the metal on??

Available now (Poly £499; Mojo £399)

Drop in with your phone for a listen, or book a dem.