Inside Timberworx Cabinets

2 May 2023

Rob had a very interesting visit to Timberworx recently, the precision woodworking company that is part of the Cadence Audio group, alongside Spendor, SME, Garrard and more.

Timberworx began life as family woodworking firm William Greaves & Sons of Sheffield back in 1832; almost 200 years later, it’s modern-day skilled workforce specialise in the techniques required to manufacture high performance acoustic loudspeaker cabinets, producing for the likes of Spendor, Harbeth, Linn, ProAc and Kudos. Linn LP12 armboards are also manufactured here.

It was a fascinating factory tour, showcasing Timberworx’s wide-ranging woodworking and manufacturing capabilities, including an impressive array of state-of-the-art precision machinery – multi-axis CNC routers, panel beam and two-dimensional saws, pad-sanding stations, spindle moulders, edge-lipping machines and planers.

Alongside this modern technology and equipment is a dedication to hand-delivered craftmanship, quality and attention to detail. Meticulous, patient sanding, painting, re-working and inspecting are visible throughout the premises, as well as a clear and obvious pride within the workforce, determined to create enduring products of the utmost quality. A real breath of fresh air in today’s age of disposability!

A highlight of Rob’s visit was hearing Spendor’s DS1 compact 2-way, on-wall loudspeaker. With a cabinet depth of just 135mm, Rob was sceptical… but these are no ordinary on-walls.

DS1 deliver wonderful depth of sound for their size and will give any good quality bookshelf a run for it’s money. Our demo DS1s will arrive at Adventures very soon, read more about DS1 here.