Linn Exaktbox-I Katalyst

Linn Katalyst DAC upgrade available for Exaktbox-I

4 May 2019

We’ve been blown away by the difference in performance Linn’s Katalyst DAC architecture makes; it is simply phenomenal. Now it’s the turn of Exaktbox-I to benefit from Katalyst.

Exaktbox-I is the one-box upgrade that transforms your system to Linn Exakt, with eight channels of 100W Chakra active amplification. For use with both Linn and non-Linn speakers (full compatible list here).

All new Exaktbox-Is will ship with Katalyst included and the upgrade is available as a retro-fit too for Akurate Exaktbox-I and Majik Exaktbox-I, RRP £2,250.