Klimax DSM promo

Linn Klimax DS/DSM trade-in ending soon

23 November 2023

Linn’s next-generation Klimax DSM is the best yet, Linn’s reference digital source, applying decades of audio innovation and digital technology learnings. As such, it has been awarded seven Product of the Year Awards since its launch in 2021.

And since it’s launch, existing Klimax DS or Klimax DSM owners (pre-2021), have benefitted from a generous guaranteed trade-in from Linn against the cost of a new Klimax DSM or System Hub, which will arrive fitted with Linn’s latest generation power supply – Utopik – at no extra cost.

And on top of Linn’s contribution we will add our own, depending on age and condition of your trade-in product(s).

But all good things must come to an end and this promotion is no exception: it will expire on 31st January 2024.

Get in touch to discuss your options: 01244 345 576 or rob@adventuresinhifi.com.