Linn Selekt DSM – new Edition Hub and upgrade to Organik DAC

16 October 2022

Linn’s Selekt DSM already sits at the apex of one-box music streaming systems, it’s versatility also making it one of the most coveted digital streamers around. Now, a whole different level of audio quality has been opened up for Selekt with the introduction of Organik DAC, Selekt Edition Hub and Utopik PSU.

Linn Selekt DSM was engineered to allow continuous upgradeability and the incorporation of new developments. Selekt DSM can already be configured for bi-amping, surround sound, HDMI and upgraded to Katalyst DAC; now you can upgrade to Linn’s Organik DAC architecture (a mammoth improvement), machined Edition Hub (a la Klimax) and Utopik power supply. New Selekt DSM is also available in a dual-mono configuration with two distinct mono DACs for feeding external amplification and the ultimate DAC performance.

ALL upgrades are available to existing Selekt owners, including Organik DAC. And we are offering very generous trade-ins to existing Akurate streamer and Exaktbox owners. See below for more, or get in touch to discuss.


Organik DAC
First introduced in Linn’s new reference Klimax DSM in 2021, Organik DAC architecture is the epitome of Linn engineering and it’s first home-grown DAC. A massive performance jump from Katalyst, Organik DAC can now be retro-fitted to existing Selekt DSMs, or specified in new products.

  • Dual-mono or stereo configurations available
  • Optimised mono line out cartridge (sold in pairs) houses 1 x mono Organik module each for top-performing dual-mono output
  • Selekt DSM: Edition Hub with stereo Organik DAC comprehensively outperforms 2nd-gen Klimax DSM Katalyst; the dual-mono Organik DAC configuration raises that bar higher still



Edition Hub

The second major upgrade for Selekt DSM is the introduction of a new and improved enclosure option: Edition Hub, a luxurious and superior-quality casing, offering a premium platform to build your ideal Selekt DSM around. Edition Hub features:

  • All-machined construction for improved rigidity, greater mass and interior isolation, comprising four solid aluminium plates
  • Much improved, eye-catching control dial with turned stainless-steel bearing
  • Primary vent precision-cut into aluminium lid to provide requisite heat management and design appeal –  every second vent is machined all the way through to create a ‘rippling wave’ lighting effect.
  • All-glass mirrored spy glass front fascia
  • Three high-mass stainless-steel feet, each impressed with a silicon ‘O’ to aid decoupling
  • Stereo RCA line out connectors designed to feed powered subwoofers
  • 1/4” headphone jack added, concealed on the enclosure’s left wall
  • Available in natural anodised silver or black anodised finish.

Both the existing Selekt enclosure (now renamed Classic Hub) and Edition Hub feature:

  • All-new, precision-regulated PSU topology – Utopik – Linn’s best yet
  • A host of digital connections allowing connection to video streaming devices, games consoles, and Blu-ray players — ensuring you get tremendous sound quality from anything you connect to your Selekt DSM
  • Linn’s ground-breaking room-correction software – Space Optimisation – as standard
  • Up to 24bit/384kHz and DSD256 streaming capability


Step 1: choose your enclosure – Classik Hub or Edition Hub.

Step 2: choose your DAC performance level – standard, Katalyst or Organik.



Standard DAC – the standard option; a stereo DAC module that performs beautifully.

Katalyst DAC – gain a deeper insight into your music; upgrade to Katalyst for astonishing levels of detail and musicality in all applications.

Organik DAC – designed without compromise and engineered entirely in-house, Organik is the culmination of Linn’s over thirty years of digital technology expertise; undisputedly the highest-performing DAC architecture to ever bear the Linn name. Organik is now available for Selekt DSM; in either stereo or, for ultimate performance, dual-mono.

Dual-mono – for the highest level of  sonic quality achievable from Selekt DSM, Linn has developed an exceptional, relentlessly optimised, dual-mono Organik DAC configuration with Line Out connections to feed external amplification.

Step 3: Make it your own – tailor Selekt DSM options to your system requirements.

What do you want your Selekt to do?

Source only?
If you’re looking to replace the nucleus of your separates system – maybe an old CD player or existing music streamer, choose source only Selekt.

Source plus integrated amplifiers?
For the convenience and aesthetics of a one-box system, perhaps downsizing from separates, Selekt DSM with integrated amplifiers is the one for you; just add speakers.

Better amplification?
For even higher performance, your Selekt DSM can be expanded for bi-amping, tri-amping or be Exakt-enabled to drive certain non-Linn loudspeakers.

Connect to your TV?
With a comprehensive array of digital and analogue connectivity, your Selekt DSM can receive, process, and deliver sumptuous sound, no matter the source. Connect to your television via the in-built HDMI ARC socket (or opt for the additional HDMI switching module featuring high-resolution eARC) to render movie, video game, and TV show soundtracks with stunning clarity and power.

Home Cinema and Surround Sound?
Selekt DSM can also be configured to form the heart of a home cinema setup. The addition of both a DSP and HDMI switching module facilitates home theatre output options ranging from 2.1 to 7.2 Surround Sound – with all the required connectivity for satellite speakers and subwoofers.

Do you own an Akurate DS/DSM/Exaktbox?  We will make you a compelling upgrade offer.

With over 10,000 owners, 14 years at the centre of Linn’s digital offering and a real favourite at Adventures, Akurate DS and DSM streamers now become end-of-life. Linn states that Selekt: Edition Hub Organik DAC outperforms not just Akurate Katalyst but previous-generation Klimax Katalyst too, it is that good.

We will be offering generous trade-ins to all of our Akurate owners – DS, DSM, System Hub, Exaktbox-6 and Exaktbox-10. A guaranteed minimum of £3,500 towards new Selekt DSM Edition Hub (or Klimax) and potentially substantially more. Please get in touch on 01244 345576 or email to discuss your options.

Selekt DSM Configuration Options Summary