Linn Keel for Naim Aro

LP12 Breaking News – Linn Keel for Naim Aro

26 August 2020

The sonic benefits of Linn’s machined-from-solid Keel – integrated subchassis, armboard and tonearm collar – are well documented; our LP12 owners have been enjoying Keels for many years now.

Machined from a solid piece of aluminium, Keel provides extremely rigid support to the tonearm and platter. There are no screws, fixings or joins between components, so virtually all vibration is removed, timing is tighter and the reproduction of music is more faithful, or simply put, just better. To ensure seamless integration with your LP12 suspension, Keel is engineered to maintain exactly the same mass and centre of gravity as achieved with a separate sub-chassis, armboard and collar.

But a standard Keel does have one limitation – the tonearm collar is only suitable for Linn tonearms, so LP12 owners with a Naim Aro (and there are many) cannot benefit from this upgrade. Not normally, anyway…

But as we know, 2020 is no normal year, and Linn is lining up an out-of-the-ordinary production run of special edition Keels for use with Naim Aro. These have not been available since early 2016 and are likely to be snapped up quickly this time, as they were then.

We have ‘first dibs’ on these special edition Keels, so are asking direct: who wants one??

Price is the same as a standard Keel – £2660 – and we do expect these to go fast, so please get in touch (01244 345 576) or if you are interested.