Naim CD player tradei in

Naim CD player trade in promotion

6 July 2024

If you own a legacy Naim CD player it is no doubt your pride and joy, and rightly so. Sadly, it won’t last forever. Many key components are fast becoming obsolete and hence support of, and repairs to, many legacy CD models are near impossible.

Here is a great opportunity from Naim to trade yours in for a substantial discount on a current Naim source product with the following guaranteed minimum savings:


  • Uniti Star all-in-one streamer/CD player, save £700 (20%)
  • NDX2 music streamer, save £1500 (25%)
  • ND5 XS2 music streamer, save £500 (20%)
  • Uniti Core, save £550 (25%)

And these are minimum savings – many players will attract a considerably higher trade in value. Naim players eligible for the exchange promo include:

  • CD5
  • CDX
  • CDX-2
  • CD5i
  • CDS-3
  • CD5x
  • CD5i-2
  • CD5 XS


And if your CD player is not Naim, or indeed not even a CD player, get in touch anyway! We offer excellent part/x terms.


Naim Uniti Star