Lejonklu Entity

New Lejonklou Phono Stages

25 July 2023

Every now and again in this wonderful hi-fi world of ours, we hear something that really makes us sit up and take notice. And the most recent of those is Lejonklou.

Originating from a shared family passion for all things musical, Lejonklou, and specifically Fredrik Lejonklou, has been building audio components in Scandinavia since 2005. Fredrik’s focus is on recreating the emotion of music, focusing on how to really move listeners with his products. Aesthetics are functional, Lejonklou is only about the sound and making it as emotive as possible.

No surprise then that we’ve been having a lot of fun listening to Lejonklou’s range of phono preamplifiers in our demo room and are delighted to welcome Entity and Slipsik to the Adventures line up.

Entity, £1,880
A phono preamplifier for low level Moving Coil cartridges, Entity is the crystallisation of Fredrik Lejonkou’s idea about an ultra linear and very high gain input stage. Five years of experimentation and fine-tuning followed – grouping components together with extremely small tolerances, machining cases from solid annealed billets of pure copper, dividing the stereo circuit into two completely isolated channels, designing a whole new power filter section and dual stage regulation – and finally Fredrik had the basis for Singularity, Lejonklou’s reference (and c£40,000!) built-to-order phono stage.

Entity is the benefactor of Fredrik’s relentless pursuit of perfection. It uses the same input circuit, phono equalization, output stage and power regulation as Singularity, in a more affordable case, with linear power supply and a  dual mono power channel design. And the result is spectacular. Entity is a revelation, immediately engaging and one of the best phono stages we’ve heard. At only £1,880, nothing comes close at it’s price level.

Don’t take our word for it though, come in and listen for yourself and prepare to be amazed. Here’s what Stereophile made of Entity:
Stereophile Entity review.

Slipsik 8, £1,250

Slipsik is Lejonklou’s reference moving magnet (MM) phono preamplifier, a hand-built dual mono design with individually measured and selected components. It is a stunning MM phono stage; it makes a Linn Adikt sound like a moving coil cartridge.

Now in it’s eighth iteration, Slipsik is housed in a  compact aluminium enclosure and in this latest version, sensitive signals are buried inside the circuit board, between multiple narrowly spaced layers of copper. The Slipsik 8 internal power cord is screened with insulated thin-walled solid copper tube, soldered to the chassis at both ends, preventing both mains hum and radio frequencies from reaching the audio circuits. Circuit design also benefits from trickle down knowledge gained from Singularity.

Like Linn, each Lejonklou unit is hand built, signed and tested by the person who does the final trimming and listening test.

So before you upgrade your MM cart to moving coil, listen to Slipsik, it might be just the upgrade you need.

Both Entity and Slipsik 8 phono stages are available to audition now at Adventures, get in touch to arrange a listen.