Naim Audio NewClassic-300Series

NEW Naim Classic 300 Series at Adventures

5 February 2024

We now have Naim Audio’s new Classic 300 Series on demonstration at Adventures and it is sounding very good indeed.

A step up from Classic 200 Series launched last year, the 300 Series line up comprises:

  • NSS 333 streamer
  • NAC 332 preamplifier
  • NAP 350 mono power amplifier
  • NVC TT phono preamplifier
  • NPX TT phono power supply
  • NPX 300 power supply

Since 1973, Classic has embodied the best of Naim separates and has been perhaps Naim’s best-loved range – think NAC 272, SuperNAIT, NAP power amps, etc. New Classic looks set to continue that tradition.

We are planning a launch day for Classic 300 Series soon, but in the meantime get in touch to arrange a listen – or 01244 345576.

NSS 333, £8500
NSS 333 is a high-resolution streaming solution that can handle the highest-quality file formats for UPnP™ devices and streaming services. The integrated DAC can also improve performance of other devices in your system, with a universal control across the entire Naim range from Naim/Focal app.

NS333 is compatible with all the major streaming services Qobuz, TIDAL, Spotify Connect, Apple Music, etc and boasts integrated AirPlay2, Chromecast, UPnP™, Roon Ready and Bluetooth® AptX technologies, so streaming music from your smartphone or tablet is simple and uncompromising. NSS 333 plays these audio formats:

WAV – up to 32bit/384kHz • FLAC and AIFF – up to 24bit/384Hz • ALAC (Apple Lossless) – up to 24bit/384Hz • MP3 – up to 48kHz, 320kbit (16 bit) • AAC – up to 48kHz, 320kbit (16 bit) • OGG and WMA – up to 48kHz (16 bit) • DSD – 64 and 128Fs • M4A – up to 48kHz, 320kbit (16 bit) • Gapless playback supported on all formats

Control is simple using the Naim/Focal app or ZigBee remote (included). The front panel houses a 5.5” colour display, direct buttons for standby, play/pause, inputs and favourites and Naim logo with adjustable brightness.


NSS 333

NAC 332, £8500
The NAC 332 preamplifier is the digitally controlled, pure analogue centre of the system. It features a class-A headphone amplifier, precision fixed resistor volume control and both XLR and RCA outputs.

Audio inputs:
1 x 8-pin DIN • 2 x 5-pin DIN • 3 x RCA pair • 2 x XLR balanced pair • 8-pin DIN compatible with 5-pin DIN • 8-pin DIN has +/-18V (for compatible external phono stages e.g. NVC TT)

Audio outputs:
1 x XLR pair • 1 x RCA pair • 1 x 6.35mm headphone jack

This can be easily configured to suit your audio world, it has plenty and varied inputs to connect any audio source, including a powered DIN socket an NVC TT phono stage. XLR and RCA outputs allow connection to a variety of power amplifiers or for bi-amping. NAC 332 talks wirelessly to the NSS 333 so control is simple. Or use the supplied remote and/or front panel buttons allow quick access to inputs, volume, standby mode and mute.

NAC 332

NAC 332

NAP 350 power amplifier, £13000 (pair)
A powerful monoblock amplifier, NAP 350 meets the needs of the most demanding loudspeakers. It can be used alone or combined with others. Thanks to its silent cooling system, it is easy to install in your chosen environment with no sound disruption.

NAP 350 is a pure class-AB linear amplifier, running from fully regulated DR power supplies; producing 175W into 8 ohms and 345W into 4 ohms. It can deliver peak power of up to 1.7kW to drive impedance dips of complex speaker crossover networks. Input is via a balanced XLR socket. It has a new high-current output stage that uses matched pairs of Statement NA009 custom power transistors. Combined with Naim’s acclaimed DR technology, which guarantees a stable and low-noise power supply, the NAP 350 delivers high power with precision and speed.

NAP 350 combines perfectly with the NSS 333 streamer and the NAC 332 preamplifier.


NAP 350


NVC TT phono stage & NPX TT power supply, both £2699
The NVC TT is a phono preamplifier that is super simple to use. It connects easily to NAC 332 or NSC 222 preamplifiers, offering the best when listening to vinyl records, and has a dedicated power supply, NPX TT, for ultra high quality vinyl listening.

NPX TT is the dedicated power supply for phono preamplifier NVC TT; it provides the NVC TT with a cleaner power supply to enhance the sound and makes it compatible with many hi-fi systems.



NPX 300 power supply, £5900
The NPX 300 power supply, is an optional upgrade to the NAC 332 and NSS 333 – though both of these units can be powered with their internal PSU.

Optimised power and performance: Reach a higher level of musical performance with the NPX 300 power supply for the 200 & 300 Series sources and preamplifiers, including the NSS 333 streamer. NPX 300 deactivates the internal power supply, immediately reducing noise, and provides a superior, cleaner power supply. You can connect several NPX 300 power supplies within the same configuration for an exceptional musical experience.


NPX 300