Rotel range SA14, RA10, RA11, CD11 mkii, RCD-1572, RA-1572

New ROTEL ranges coming

24 March 2024

We had the opportunity recently to listen to some of Rotel’s new electronics and were very impressed. So much so in fact, that there will soon be six new Rotel pieces adorning our listening room.

Since 1961 this Japanese family owned and family operated business has been engineering and manufacturing audio products, building up a loyal following of audiophiles, music lovers, musicians, recording artists and fans along the way.

Present day Rotel ticks all the boxes – CD, streaming, integrated amplification – in affordable packages. Here’s our selection:

CD11 player, £549

Rotel CD11 mkII

Sometimes we still want to play CDs. And that’s ok. CD11 MKII offers an affordable and accomplished way to do so. It features:

  • Heavy steel chassis with proprietary Rotel disc transport (CD only + MP3)
  • Smooth tray-loading mechanism and silent running motor controller
  • Texas Instruments premium 32-bit/384kHz DAC
  • RCA analogue and coaxial digital outputs
  • 12 volt trigger input
  • Front panel CD control functions and meta data display
  • Remote control included
  • Black and silver finishes


RCD-1572 CD player, £1099

RCD-1572 MKII is the next step up from CD11, with superior quality playback thanks in part to an ultra-low noise in-house manufactured toroidal transformer, isolating circuits electrically and physically to minimise distortion and lower noise floor. This player also features balanced XLR outputs.


S14 all-in-one streamer, £1799


Rotel’s first foray into the world of streaming, S14  is an all-in-one solution providing the ultimate in convenience to the near limitless catalogue of music, delivering 150 Watts of Class AB power. Features include:

  • Stream Internet Radio, TIDAl, Qobuz et al from S14 App, also supports Spotify Connect, Airplay2 and Google Cast, certified Roon Ready and supports MQA and MQA Studio
  • Hard-wired OR dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 2 x 150 Watts Class AB power (4 Ohms)
  • ESS premium 32-bit DAC
  • Coaxial, optical, analogue, PC-USB, wireless aptX™ HD and AAC Bluetooth inputs
  • Plays MP3, WMA and AAC files from flash drives
  • Front panel album artwork
  • Included remote, simple operation and intuitive setup


A10/A11 integrated amplifiers, £549/£699

Rotel A10 and A11

Two very reasonably priced integrated amps offering plenty connectivity and 50Wpc Class AB power (into 8 ohms). Both A10 and A11 include a moving magnet phono stage, 3 line-level RCA inputs and front panel headphone jack with a dedicated headphone amplifier circuit. A11 includes DAC, coaxial and optical digital inputs and aptX™ Bluetooth.


RA-1572 integrated, £1849


With RA-1572MKII we’re getting into Rotel’s bigger stuff. A digital and analogue integrated with a full complement of source inputs, delivering 120 Watts of Class AB output (into 8 ohms). Excellent DAC, analogue, digital, aptX™ and AAC wireless Bluetooth, PC-USB supporting MQA, XLR Balanced and moving magnet phono stage inputs and certified Roon tested.

RA-1572MKII features new Rotel audio circuit design innovations, premium DAC,  in-house manufactured oversized toroidal transformer feeding a bank of 4 low ESR, high efficiency, T-Network slit-foil storage capacitors for deep, controlled bass energy.

The front panel includes a status display, source and volume controls, Speaker A/B selection for Zone 2 and 3.5mm headphone jack. Ethernet and RS232 connections allow integration with control systems and software updates.


We’re looking forward to playing with these new toys when they arrive in a week or so. Feel free to pop in and join us!