Santa Tiefenbrun is giving away Linn Streamers!

Santa Tiefenbrun is giving away Linn Streamers!

4 December 2017

Yes, you read that correctly. Linn, Scottish hi-fi giant and longtime advocate of digital music streaming, today announce an exceptionally generous Christmas offering:

  • A free Majik DSM when you buy a Klimax DS or DSM
  • A free Sekrit DSM when you buy an Akurate DS or DSM

Effectively, a second room of Linn DS audio at home completely free. Or the perfect gift for that troublesome to buy for child, spouse or parent?

Linn digital streamers have been around since 2007 and are widely regarded as some of the best on the market. Following Linn’s established philosophy of upgradeability and continuous improvement, it’s DS range has evolved over recent years with:

  • The introduction of Space Optimisation for all Linn DS
  • The release of Katalyst DAC architecture, a huge performance upgrade
  • The integration of 24-bit streaming service Qobuz Sublime + and of Spotify Connect, giving access to the world’s most popular streaming service
  • The upcoming addition of support for DSD

We’ll get the mince pies and coffee, you choose the music. Two exceptional seasonal offers! Book a dem

Offer runs from 4th Dec 2017 until 26th Jan 2018 inclusive.